How 5G Network will change the world
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5G World

The global race to develop 5G network will follow in the footsteps of  3G and 4G, and it will be really different. There will be the end of app stalling,video faltering and everlasting load signs,but that is only the one side of the picture. 5G will be the dramatic overhaul and Utilization of the radio spectrum. We know that data is transmitted via radio waves, which are split up into bands or ranges of frequencies.

Each and every band is reserved for different form of communication such as aeronautical and maritime navigation signals, television broadcasts and mobile data, which is regulated by International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

The problem with current network is, as new technologies are introduced ,frequencies for previous technologies are squeezed into its band gap, which causes problem of connectivity and speed. So to pave the way of 5G Network, ITU is restructuring the parts of the radio network to transmit the data without disturbing the pre-existing communication to function.

5G Network will be 100 times faster with a wide capacity to cope up with the increase in demand for communication.Raising the capacity is just like widening a road tunnel.If you add more lanes more cars can go, and ordering them will make it efficient, some lane for long distance and some lanes for local traffic.

Likewise, by 2020 when it thought that device internet connections will increase from 50 billion to 100 billion, frequencies with different bands will be allotted different lanes to cope up with the 100% increase in connections.

The huge rise  in the internet connections will be because of  objects using 5G network known as Internet of things(IOT). Moreover, 5G would not break. It will have the reliability that one may currently get over fiber communications and advances in antenna promises an end to end data connections with no sudden drop outs.This will be essential for safety.

Examples are driver less car to communicate with each other and the infrastructure they pass.technologies such as smart transport and remote surgery where a human remotely operates a robot to carry out complicated operations, that relies on low latencies.

Latency refers to the time lag between an action and a response.It is predicted that 5G latency will be around 1 ms which is 50 times faster than 4G. This will be critical if the doctors are to command equipment to carry out operation if they are on there way or from some other building.

Countries are investing huge amount in the R and D. Samsung hopes to launch a temporary trial 5G network in time for 2018’s Winter Olympic Games. Not to be outdone, Huawei is racing to implement a version for the 2018 World Cup in Moscow.

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