LTE RF Coverage
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The Radio Frequency Coverage is one of the prominent faculties of an LTE Network Communications.

Coverage in LTE is defined as the area over which the successfully decode the ENodeB reference signals.

The Reference Signals, RS are used for both UE and ENodeB to estimate the DL and UL channels and channel conditions respectively i.e., estimate and demodulate the physical channels.

Coverage is limited up to the ability of decoding these signals.

The downlink RS makeup the average  RSRP measured over the radio frequency coverage in a cell.

The Reference Signals are transmitted over Resource Elements known both to the UE and the ENodeB, which the UE can decode for cell estimation and the channel conditions.

RSRP: Linear average power of the cell-specific reference signals measured in the resource elements of the frequency bandwidth.

RSRP is a good parameter for coverage indication, cell selection and cell re selection.

RSRQ cannot be used for coverage prediction or estimation because of the very limited range for representation.

SINR: Signal to Interference plus noise ratio can be used for measuring the SINR of the resource elements carrying reference signals.

SINR can be a very good assessment for coverage.

Based on the different parameters’ statistics collected over UE/Scanner Drive test or EnodeB measured data can be of great use to plot the coverage for wide range of analysis and optimizing the Radio environment.

The Parameter  RSRP – Plot can have used to improve the RSRP in areas in turn making betterment for cell selection and cell re selection.

The SINR – Plot can be helpful in estimating coverage issues within the coverage and improve that by reducing interference and pollution.

The  PCI – Physical cell identity plot can be used in checking the overlap of the neighbouring sector to get an estimate of the cell dominance and overshooting, which in turn will help in tuning the RSRP and SINR to reduce the effects and increase the performance.

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