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LTE, a 4G wireless technology which has been developed by 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project), an industry trade group. The 4G technology LTE that stands for Long Term Evolution has been named so because it represents an evolution from the very basic GSM technology (2G) to 3G standard (UMTS) and the next step comprises of LTE evolving from the third generation of wireless networks.

In particular, the factors that led to the emergence of 4G technology are dedicated to the inefficiency of 3G network for supporting the demands of rapidly growing number of users and their expectations of high speed and good quality of service. This led to the upcoming of 4G LTE in the world of wireless technology.

At the present moment, LTE is definitely high on demand and is considered as the most merchandising generation of wireless networks. It is now aiming to cope up with the substantially rising demands for high speed access to the desired data and multimedia services.

Several networking companies have opted for 4G LTE technology due to rapid increase in the number of users. Looking at the market growth, many handset developer companies have developed handsets compatible with this technology.

LTE is also expected to give a downlink speed of 300 Mbps in future (as enhancements in these networks are still in progress) and several other advantages in association with LTE are listed below:

  • Higher Data Rates: For uplink, the speed should be greater than 50 Mbps and for downlink, the speed should be greater than 100 Mbps.
  • Better Efficiency: The spectrum efficiency has increased to more than 15 bps/ Hz in LTE from about 3 bps/ Hz in UMTS due to increased data rate.
  • Lower Latency: It must be less than 10ms across the user plane in LTE network for providing a satisfactory speed to the user.
  • Lower Cost: The architecture of LTE is a simplified version of 3G architecture. Thus, reduced cost with high quality services.
  • Increased Value: Inter networking with 3G and other 4G systems, seamless mobility while maintaining access to their services anytime, anywhere is mandatory for better user experience.

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