Automation: A necessity in 5G

//Automation: A necessity in 5G

Automation: A necessity in 5G

Automation: A necessity in 5G- 5G networks are expected to use numerous small cells. Due to the massive small scale deployment, automation is the only practical way of configuring and then optimizing small cells.

automation in 5G

In addition to managing parameters of a cell, relations between a cell and its neighbors also need to be managed automatically.

Furthermore, intelligent and automatic tuning of operational parameters can help improve the spectral efficiency of a 5G network.

For example, to efficiently and effectively provide mobile broadband performance in a multi-story building, small cells can be deployed on different floors in the form of radio nodes.

These radio nodes would be viewed as small remote radio heads. These radio nodes can be connected to an Ethernet network, which also connects to a service node.

The service node controls radio resources of small cells of small cells and implements various SON features to facilitate automatic configuration of small cells. Such architecture avoids the need to directly connect individual small cells to the core network.

The service node acts as the eNodeB that interfaces with the core network. Hence, mobility across small cells is internally managed by the service node, and small core-to-core network connectivity is minimized.

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