Coverage of an LTE Cell

//Coverage of an LTE Cell

Coverage of an LTE Cell

Coverage of an LTE Cell

Coverage of an LTE Cell

LTE Cell’s coverage is defined to be the area over which both the eNB & the UE can successfully decode the Reference Signals (RS).

Downlink Reference Signals provide a known or predictable pattern that allows the UE to decode the downlink physical channels and estimate channel conditions.

The UE also provides RS to allow the network to estimate UL channel conditions and coherently demodulate its transmissions.

If any of these signals cannot be decoded, coverage is limited. The decoding of the DL RS depends on the resource elements’ RSRP. Since the RSRP is measured on the resource elements that carry the RS and not on the resource elements that carry data, cell coverage is not strictly related to bearer data rate.

Downlink limits to cell coverage are artificial. All E-UTRAN products are equipped with parameterized limits on the amount of bearer that can be allocated to a given downlink radio bearer.

These parameters exist for capacity reasons, not coverage reasons. If these parameters did not exist, or if they were set at their maximum values, then the downlink could be closed at any point in the system where the uplink is closable (i.e., meaning that the UE has enough power to transmit the RS so that the eNB successfully decodes them).

Thus, from a physics perspective, cell coverage is strictly uplink-limited.

Due to small range of variability of RSRQ, this metric may not be an effective indicator for evaluating cell coverage. Instead, RS SINR may be chosen as a metric that correctly defines downlink coverage because it change linearly with path losses.

However, care must be taken in how this metric is defined since it is not a metric defined in the standard.

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