Coverage Optimization Data

//Coverage Optimization Data

Coverage Optimization Data- LTE RF Optimization

Coverage Optimization Data- LTE RF Optimization

Coverage Optimization Data

During the time of initial deployment, when the number of subscriber data points are low, the preferred data source is LTE scanner logs due to their resolution and precision, and the volume of measurements they contain.

The scanner has a distinct advantage over UE logs because the scanner is permitted to scan all DL RS. If scanner data is not available, then UE logs can be used instead. Propagation prediction plots also can be used, though their predictive nature limits their usefulness.

On the other hand, eNB logs are also useful as the eNB receives Measurement Report messages from UEs and these messages have measured received signal strength/ quality measurements and the identities of cells.

Another form of analysis is based on network logging of measurement reports containing the UE’s view of the RSRP & RSRQ of the surrounding eNodeBs.

A careful analysis of this data can be quite powerful, as it uses actual customer traffic throughout the network (as opposed to merely where the drive teams happen to collect data).

Coverage Optimization Data- LTE RF Optimization
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