Coverage Optimization Tool Kit

//Coverage Optimization Tool Kit

Coverage Optimization Tool Kit

Coverage Optimization Tool Kit

Coverage Optimization Tool Kit

Correcting coverage issues is achieved by utilizing good old-fashioned RF engineering. The tools available include the following:

Antenna Tilts: This includes both mechanical and electrical. Tilts can be used to correct over propagation or coverage holes.

Azimuth Changes: A standard 0-120-240 azimuth configuration can result in multiple RF coverage issues in an LTE network. Antenna azimuth changes may alleviate RF coverage issues.

Antenna Height: Although construction and lease issues may make this option prohibitive, excessive antenna height is a typical source of pollution.

Antenna Type: The beamwidth and gain of antennas will obviously impact RF coverage. This option may be limited in some cases due to cost, or antenna sharing requirements.

New Site: In areas of limited coverage, or lack of dominance, the best option may be a new site

Disable Cell: Although this sounds counter-productive, in extreme cases, disabling a site may improve system performance. If an enabled site is duplicating the coverage of another site, and the net capacity gain is less than or equal to zero, disabling a site should be considered. However, this assumes all other avenues of RF optimization have been considered.

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