Emerging Services and Industry Trends in 5G

//Emerging Services and Industry Trends in 5G

Emerging Services and Industry Trends in 5G

Emerging Services and Industry Trends in 5G: The Industry group Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) has described potential use case families for the target services that 5G networks should be able to support. Four examples of the use case families are shown here:

Emerging services in 5G

  • Ultra-reliable communications need high availability and reliability. E-health services, such as remote medical treatment and patient surveillance, are part of the ultra- reliable communications.
  • The use case family of extreme real-time communications requires an end-to-end delay of 1ms only. This delay is between a sensor (that detects a variable like temperature, pressure, moisture etc.) and the actuator (that performs a task based on the sensor input) functioning in a wireless network. They could be functioning in different parts of a large manufacturing plant.
  • The massive IoT includes a huge number of devices connected to the network. For e.g., a traffic controller may control the operation of a traffic light based on the feedback from the sensors installed on the traffic light.
  • Broadband Access everywhere aims for the user- experienced data rate of more than 50 Mbps even near the traditional cell- edge.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has defined some 5G targets. ITU is basically an organisation that defines the performance requirements for 3G and 4G cellular technologies. Some target examples for 5G are given below:

5G Requiments of ITU

  • The peak data rate is 20Gbps for an indoor environment.
  • The target for one-way latency between the radio network (e.g., a base station) and the user equipment is 1ms.
  • One million devices need to supported per square kilometer area in a dense environment.
  • In an area with large density of wireless devices, the supportable throughput needs to be 10Mbps per square meter.
  • The wireless services experience of users should be maintained even at the speeds of 500 Km/h, which could be the speed of a bullet train.

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