Machine Type Communication (MTC)

//Machine Type Communication (MTC)

Machine Type Communication (MTC)

Machine Type Communication (MTC)

Machine Type Communication (MTC)

Wireless subscribers use 4G LTE networks in a variety of ways. For example, voice calls, emails, web browsing, streaming video, messaging and gaming are quite popular.

In general, the majority of communication methods in use today involve human interaction.  5G networks are expected to serve communication between machines in addition to human interaction.

Several studies predict tens of billions of devices to be connected to some IP-based network. Hence, wireless networks need to support machine communications for massive Internet of Things (IoT).

For e.g., factory automation of manufacturing, surveillance cameras, smart wearables, smart cars, intelligent traffic controllers and smart cash registers are expected to be connected to the wireless network to facilitate their functions.

MTC is a communication where two ends of the communication link are machines. There is no human involvement in the MTC. The MTC is also referred to as Machine to Machine (M2M).

The LTE feature that addresses MTC is called LTE-MTC or LTE-M. Examples of MTC include a smart electricity meter that provides data on the electricity usage to a server periodically (e.g., once or twice a month) so that a bill for the customer can be generated.

A traffic controller in the cloud can obtain data from traffic light sensors and adjust the timings of green, yellow and red lights.

A smart register can send data on the products purchased by a customer to a server and that server can take actions, such as automated email or other products that a consumer may be interested in.

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