Networking in the Virtual World

//Networking in the Virtual World

Networking in the Virtual World

Networking in the Virtual World

Networking in the Virtual World

In the figure, we have two VMs. One is a Web server and the other is an online store.

In the traditional network, these services would be located in two different physical servers requiring network connectivity. Since these VMs are all loaded onto the same standard server over a hypervisor, they make up a small self-contained network.

Included in the many roles of a hypervisor is that of providing a switching function called a virtual switch (vSwitch), which is a software version of an Ethernet switch. This enables communication between the different local VMs.

Internal communication is achieved by logical connecting each VM to the hypervisor through a logical interface card called a virtual Network Interface Card (vNIC). External Communication is achieved through the use of physical interface cards.

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