Radio Network: 4G to 5G

//Radio Network: 4G to 5G

Radio Network: 4G to 5G

Radio Network: 4G to 5G- Radio Access Network (RAN) is that part of the network which connects individual mobile devices to core network through radio connections. RAN consists of radio sites which provide radio access & co-ordinate management of resources across the radio sites in the network.

To support the services of the NGMN (Next Generation Mobile Networks) like ultra-reliable communication, extreme real-time communication, massive IoT and to meet the associated 5G performance requirements, the radio network architecture needs to change.

Radio Network: 4G to 5G- Details of 5G Radio access network

  • From the perspective of the radio network, densification of network becomes especially important to meet the requirements of the peak data rate, average user- experienced data rate, area throughput and connection density. Densification of network means adding more cell sites in the network to increase the amount of available capacity.
  • heterogeneous network with more number of small cells would be needed for better coverage.
  • Instead of a distributed radio network where radio resources are managed locally by base stations, a cloud-based radio access network would be used. Such Cloud-RAN will have remote radio units controlled by a pool of baseband units with few miles of separation between baseband and radio units.
  • Centralization of baseband units and virtualization of baseband functions lead to more efficient radio resource management, reduced amount of over-provisioning and faster software upgrades in the network.
  • The air interface between the base station and the user equipment would be made even more efficient in 5G as compared to 4G LTE.

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