Virtual Machines & Hypervisor

//Virtual Machines & Hypervisor

Virtual Machines (VMs) & Hypervisor

Virtual Machines & Hypervisor

Virtual Machines & Hypervisor

The virtualization software has the role of deploying software-based Virtual Machines (VMs). The idea is to create a software version of a hardware-based server or application. Though the functionality may be identical, the way it interworks with other functions is quite different.

The decision to hard-code the application into the hardware is a permanent decision. The Virtual Machine behaves and operates almost identical to its stand-alone purpose-built hardware-based server “twin.”

The hypervisor has multiple roles, one of which is to translate the individual guest OS instructions into the equivalent instructions required for the host OS and the physical hardware.

The second key role of the hypervisor is to schedule activities for the various independent VMs on the single physical hardware unit, subject to the different performance and Quality of Service (QoS) requirements of the subscribing VMs.

There are several challenges faced by the hypervisor. First, it must be able to exercise complete control over all of the physical-network-facing system resources. Secondly, the hypervisor facing the VM must provide the look and feel of the hardware expected by that VM.

The hypervisor is essentially a translator of instruction sets from the logical machine to the physical machine. Finally, the work of the hypervisor adds extra computing and overheads. It is challenged to demonstrate only a minimal degradation of performance and speed.

Both ESXi by VMware and Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) are widely used, and each has a large customer base. They both offer very similar functionality

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