What is “Right” Coverage?

//What is “Right” Coverage?

What is “Right” Coverage?

What is “Right” Coverage?

What is “Right” Coverage?

When tuning for coverage, it is important to create the right coverage at the right location. The right coverage includes:

  • Elimination of coverage gaps: As coverage is tuned, it is important not to open coverage holes. The UE should have enough power to transmit all UL channels (Demodulating Reference Signal (DM RS), PUCCH and/or PUSCH) successfully to the eNB.
  • Minimization of pollution: Although definitions vary, RS pollution can be described generally as the state in which three or more additional RS are received at a location at roughly the same strength. For the purposes of this course, we usually use the following definition: A point at which three or more additional servers received within 3 dB of the strongest server is deemed to be polluted. Pollution can result in excessive handoff, reduced cell capacity, increased access failures, and dropped connections.
  • Creation of clearly-dominant servers: Even when an area does not satisfy the strict definition of pollution, it could suffer from poor server dominance, in which the best server changes rapidly from location to location. This situation should be minimized by ensuring that the best server clearly dominates all other servers. Otherwise, performance problems similar to the above could ensure.

“ The more signal, the better” is not a good coverage strategy in any cellular technology, but it can be devastating in systems with reuse patterns of one (N=1). Resist adopting such a strategy.

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