What limits the Coverage?

//What limits the Coverage?

What limits the Coverage? – LTE RF Optimization

What limits the Coverage? - LTE RF Optimization

What limits the Coverage?

Downlink coverage is limited by the maximum amount of power that can be applied to the downlink reference signals. However, the LTE standards do not specify how much power the various channels and reference signals should use; instead it is up to the eNB vendor to develop the appropriate algorithms and controls.

In general, the goal is to keep a constant Energy Per Resource Element (EPRE) so that the UEs can use RS measurements to estimate the power of other downlink channels.

However, the EPRE is not exactly the same in all resource elements because different modulation schemes require different power levels.

Uplink power is distributed to the PUCCH, the PUSCH, and the DM RS of each channel. The UEs peak output power capability determine the uplink coverage limit.

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