What Plots are Needed?

//What Plots are Needed?

What Plots are Needed?

What Plots are Needed?

What Plots are Needed?

The RF engineering team must be able to produce meaningful plots when assessing a market’s coverage, or when requested to do so by management or other corporate means. Being able to produce the correct plot, as well as having the ability to correctly interpret these plots, is required.

It is important to appreciate the necessity to properly design tool maintenance at this point as well. Proper model tuning allows design tools (such as Atoll) to better predict network alterations, and these predictions can help avoid unnecessary iterations of costly implementation and data collection exercises.

From a network optimization standpoint, interpreting performance problems (excessive access failures, dropped calls, poor throughput) in the light of the coverage conditions can be informative.

RF engineering is often asked for coverage plots for the purpose of creating marketing maps to show network coverage.

These usually conform to corporate guidelines, and allow customers to make informed decisions regarding their service providers.

Ultimately this serves to properly set customer expectations and reduce unwarranted complaints.

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