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Project Delivery

Project Delivery for Telecom Companies

Apeksha Telecom provides project delivery to telecom companies (operator and vendor companies). We mainly provide project management and delivery in RAN (Radio Access Network) and RF part of network.

  • RF Surveys
  • EMF Surveys
  • LOS Surveys
  • BTS Installation and Commissioning
  • RF Network Optimization
  • RF Drive Tests
  • ATP 11 A
  • ATP 11 B
  • RF Planning and Designing

Why Apeksha Telecom for Project Delivery?

Apeksha Telecom is one of the best telecom company for project delivery because we have –

  • Highly Competent Manpower :

    Our manpower is responsible, analytical, problem solving and believes in teamwork. This makes the project execution easy and helps in time management and meeting the deadlines.

 At Apeksha Telecom, selection of manpower for project delivery is based on specific project requirement.

  • Meet Standards of Telecom Industry :

    Our professionals who work on a project are the people having expertise in that specific field. Manpower involved in delivery and management of projects are Telecom professionals with minimum 6 month to 12 years of experience. Our manpower has ability and excellent knowledge of project management.

Hence, projects delivered by Apeksha Telecom matches the standards of telecom industry.

  • Certified Manpower :

    We have skilled manpower with required certifications for different telecom projects. In case of tower work, we get our employees CBTHR certified. For other telecom projects we get the manpower medically certified as per the requirement of the project.

  • Risk Management :

    We meet the standards of telecom industry by keeping employees safety in mind. Safety belt and other safety equipment are provided to the employees during project. Hence, they are able to work in a much more efficient manner.

Due to above mentioned features we are always enthusiastic for successful formulation of project team and completion of project before the deadlines.

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