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RF Network Optimization

RF Network Optimization needs to be fine-tuned to provide the best services with lowest possible cost, in order to provide top business results for an operator.

We offer services for both existing and new LTE, UMTS and GSM networks. The service is performed as an iterative RF engineering activity for preventive and resolution maintenance. It ensures optimum network performance to meet the Quality of Service (QoS) targets of the custom.

Improvements are made in RF conditions such as Call Drops, Call Success Rate, Coverage holes, Interference and Congestion levels for cellular operators. During RF network optimization, improvements in Coverage and quality are also provided by addition of new elements or optimizing the current parameters and resources.

KPI Analysis

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) is a measure of network performance and its quality. Accessobility, Retainability, Mobility, Integrity and availability are the KPIs that are analysed to monitor the radio network performance.

With growing customer base and continuous addition of capacity and coverage sites, operators need to continuously monitor the KPIs of their network to assess service quality.

Our experienced teams of RF engineers are highly capable of providing regular KPI collection, analysis and customer presentations.

Scope of the Work

Scope of the work includes
  1. Carrying out Radio Network Optimization activities including Drive tests, RF Surveys
  2. Submitting reports in the desired formats
  3. Optimization Drives
  4. RF Planning and other related activities
  5. KPI Analysis
  6. Radio Network Optimization

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