Software-Defined Radio Approach

//Software-Defined Radio Approach

Software-Defined Radio Approach

In the Software-Defined Radio approach (SDR), signal processing is carried out in software at a general processor instead of special hardware. However, most likely digital to analog and analog to digital conversion and power amplification would be hardware based and thus not be implemented via SDR.

RRUs (Remote Radio Units) and BBUs (Baseband Units) are based on Software Defined Radio technology for software-based capacity augmentation and enhancement.


A remote Operations Support System (OSS) is typically in Software Defined Radios which is used to manage SDR and carry out upgrade functions.

The main advantages are simplified BBU capacity augmentation for additional carriers, RRU carrier addition and future enhancements via software upgrades.

A software-defined radio can be flexible enough to avoid the “limited spectrum” assumptions of designers of previous kinds of radios, in one or more ways including:

  • Software defined antennas adaptively “lock onto” a directional signal, so that receivers can better reject interference from other directions, allowing it to detect fainter transmissions.
  • Spread spectrum techniques allow several transmitters to transmit in the same place on the same frequency with very little interference, typically combined with one or more error detection and correction techniques to fix all the errors caused by that interference.
  • Cognitive radio techniques: each radio measures the spectrum in use and communicates that information to other cooperating radios, so that transmitters can avoid mutual interference by selecting unused frequencies.
  • Dynamic transmitter power adjustment, based on information communicated from the receivers, lowering transmit power to the minimum necessary, reducing the near-far problem and reducing interference to others, and extending battery life in portable equipment.

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