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Are you a Telecom Professional?

Do you wish to move ahead at work?

Everyone dreams of the same. But only you can make yourself stand out from the crowd.

This can be done by upgrading your technical skills and knowledge through Advance Telecom training at Apeksha Telecom. Regardless of where you are, start focusing on where you want yourself to be.

Begin your journey of learning and growing with our Advance LTE Training for Corporate Professionals.


This advance Telecom training is best suited for Telecom professionals/RF Engineers working on LTE Radio Networks (having a minimum experience of 6 months- 1 year).

Primarily, engineers involved in RAN part of LTE networks benefit the most from this training. This extensive course provides them the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge, technical skills, salary and position in the Telecom Industry.


This is an advance LTE training dealing with LTE RF & RAN Optimization and Troubleshooting. This training helps the trainees acquire expertise over LTE performance metrics. This further enables them to efficiently plan, revise, optimize or troubleshoot the 4G LTE Radio Network.

This certified telecommunication course is wrapped up in two parts: LTE RF & RAN Optimization and Troubleshooting Part-I and LTE RF & RAN Optimization and Troubleshooting Part-II.

LTE RF & RAN Optimization and Troubleshooting Part-I provides insights into RF measurements related to coverage issues and interference in the LTE networks. It also addresses important topics related to LTE optimization like Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Intra-frequency Handover analysis, review of I-RAT Handover and CSFB.

LTE RF & RAN Optimization and Troubleshooting Part-II provides insights into LTE RF Optimization areas such as Downlink and Uplink Data Traffic Performance. This course further addresses various important concepts such as connection drop scenarios, methods of resolving call drops, identifying associated counters, idle mode performance, tracking area planning, paging etc. in detail.

These trainings provide detailed understanding of the determinants of imperfect LTE Radio Network behavior. The trainees learn a lot from the practical troubleshooting experiences of the instructor and are also guided about the best possible practices to find and solve them.

The course details for both the trainings are specified below:

  • Technical trainings prove to be advantageous by making you hold a competitive place in the Job Market.
  • When added to the skills section in your CV, it reflects your commitment towards your professional success. It shows that you are ready to invest resources to become the professional you want to be.
  • Moreover, this training will help you reach the next level of your career accompanied by a hike in your current income.

Pre- Requisites :

This is an advance level LTE course. Basic knowledge of LTE like LTE Architecture, LTE Interfaces, signaling process etc. is required.

Previous experience of GSM/UMTS radio network optimization would be useful but not essential.