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Overview of LTE & GSM/UMTS Interworking


This course provides a comprehensive overview and a technical introduction to LTE & GSM/UMTS Interworking in 3GPP. The course basically begins with an overview of the 4G-LTE and 3GPP 2G/3G network architectures and various associated interfaces. The requirement for interworking is then discussed in detail, including the various building blocks that support interworking in 4G-LTE/ 3G-UMTS/ 2G-GSM networks. This course also covers important topics like Idle Mode Interworking and Connected mode Interworking between LTE, UMTS & GSM technologies.

It is most suited for engineers in network planning and design, product design and development, network deployment, network performance, and network operations. LTE & GSM/UMTS Interworking course helps the students to analyze the key differences between UMTS and LTE architecture, explain the two architectural options for interworking with 3G/2G networks, explain the measurement procedure as it applies to Inter-RAT handover, describe Idle mode activities in LTE, UMTS and GSM/GPRS, illustrate the details of the inter-RAT cell reselection procedure, walk through Tracking area update procedures etc.

Duration: 40 hours
Fee: 30k

Course Overview

This course deals with the following topics:

Interworking – Executive Summary

  • Evolution
  • Inter working Architecture
  • Examples of Interworking Scenarios

Interworking Network Architecture

  • Network Architectures and Interfaces
  • UMTS and GSM/EDGE Architecture
  • Interfaces and Protocols
  • Network Identities

Initial Session Setup

  • LTE Attach and Default Bearer Setup
  • UMTS /EDGE PDP Context Establishment
  • Additional Material

Connected- Mode Interworking

  • LTE Measurement Procedure
  • UMTS Measurement Procedure
  • Handover Examples – S4-SGSN
  • LTE-to-UTRAN Handover (S4-SGSN)
  • LTE-to-UTRAN Pre-R8 (Gn SGSN)
  • UTRAN-to-LTE (Gn SGSN)
  • E-UTRAN-GERAN Handover
  • Additional Material
  • GERAN <-> LTE IRAT Examples
  • GERAN-to-LTE PS Handover

Idle Mode Interworking

  • Device States and IRAT Mobility Procedures
  • Idle-Mode Interworking
  • IRAT Cell (Re)selection
  • LA/TA Updates
  • Idle-State Signaling Reduction (ISR)
  • Combined LAU/ TAU
  • Additional Information: PLMN Selection

Circuit Switched Interworking

  • Voice in LTE
  • IMS Overview
  • CS Fallback
  • SR-VCC
  • IMS Service Centralization and Continuity
  • Support for SMS

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