Uplink CoMP in LTE Advanced

//Uplink CoMP in LTE Advanced

Uplink CoMP in LTE Advanced

The uplink CoMP in LTE Advanced involves reception of the UE signal at more than one cell.

CoMP reception in the UL involves reception of the UE signal at more than one cell, How CoMP works in uplink, how CoMP increses throughput in uplink transmission

Uplink CoMP in LTE Advanced

One of the cells would be a “central” cell responsible for combining signals received at multiple cells. The CoMP cells in the “operating set” can participate in coordinated scheduling.

The CoMP reception of the Physical Uplink Shared Channel  at multiple cells may or may not be transparent to the UE.

The CoMP reception resembles soft handover in the UL.

The benefit of CoMP reception is higher cell-edge throughput. The cost is higher complexity and increased backhaul utilization.

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